Single Sign-On Getting Started

To get started with setting up your multi-factor authentication (MFA), please follow these steps:

1. In a browser, visit

2. Type in your SEU email address and click Continue:

3. Type in your current SEU password and click Continue:

4. Click Begin Setup:

5. You will be presented with several authentication methods. OneLogin Protect is our preferred method. However, if you already use Google or Microsoft Authenticator, then you can use that in this situation as well. If you do not have a smartphone, then Symantec VIP Access is an option that involves installing an app on your PC. Click the authentication method of your choice.

6. The following image is based on the selection of OneLogin Protect in the previous step. If you selected one of the other options it may look slightly different. Please download the app to your device and click Activate when finished.

7. Scan the QR code when prompted (if using a smartphone).

8. Open the app for the authentication method that you chose and approve the log in request.

9. Next you will be prompted to setup your security questions. These will be used for resetting your password. Click Save in the top right corner when finished.

10. You have completed configuration of your MFA for SEU’s new SSO solution. This system is not active yet so you will not use it to access your apps at this time. Keep an eye on your email over the summer for additional communication regarding the official launch date.