Staff/Faculty Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On gives the ability to login once and access multiple applications. After logging in to the dashboard,, you will be able to access your E-mail, JICS, and MyFire. We will add other apps in the near future.

What is multifactor authentication (MFA)? MFA is an authentication method that requires an additional verification other than your username/password to access the OneLogin dashboard. This additional verification dramatically reduces the likelihood of someone maliciously accessing your account without your knowledge.

How to set up MFA for your account: To get started with setting up your multi-factor authentication (MFA), please follow these steps:

** Please complete the following steps on a computer. You will also need your smartphone available for step 6.

** The app will need to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone

** Do not delete the app from your smartphone once this process is complete, you will need this app when you login to confirm your identity.

1. In a browser, visit

2. Type in your SEU email address and click Continue:

3. Type in your current SEU password and click Continue:

4. Click Begin Setup:

5. You will be presented with several authentication methods. OneLogin Protect is our preferred method. However, if you already use Google or Microsoft Authenticator, then you can use that in this situation as well. If you do not have a smartphone, then Symantec VIP Access is an option that involves installing an app on your PC. Click the authentication method of your choice.

6. The following image is based on the selection of OneLogin Protect in the previous step. If you selected one of the other options it may look slightly different.

Please download and install the app on your smartphone device.

NOTE: In order for the OneLogin Protect to work on your smartphone, it is required that you have a screen passcode set on your device. Please enable a screen passcode on your device if you currently do not have one enabled.

Go back to the computer and click Activate to continue the process.

7. After the app is installed on your smartphone, please open the app. You will be asked if you want to ‘Tap + to add first account’.

Click the + button in the top-right of your smartphone device. You might be prompted to allow the app to use your camera, allow the app to do so. The app will open into camera mode for you to scan a QR code.

Using your smartphone, scan the QR code on your computer screen.

8. Open the app for the authentication method that you chose and approve the log-in request.

9. Next you will be prompted to set up your security questions. These will be used for resetting your password. Chose 5 questions and then click Save in the top right corner when finished.

10. After selecting your security questions OneLogin will open into your profile. To view the dashboard, click the Southeastern University logo in the top-left of the window.

If you are prompted to install the Google Chrome add-on you may simply click Skip or you may also choose to install the add-on. This add-on will allow you to add other websites you frequently visit to the single-sign-on dashboard. This step is not necessary so you may skip it if you so choose.

The app dashboard will allow you to access your applications by simply clicking the tile for that app. You will not need to login to the selected app since you have already logged into OneLogin.

11. You have completed the configuration of your MFA for SEU’s new SSO solution.

The steps above only need to be done once.

Each time you log into the OneLogin Dashboard, you will need to have your smartphone near you so you can approve the login via the OneLogin Protect app.